Welcome to Silver Labradors
The Silver Labrador adds a new and beautiful color to the most popular dog breed in the United States. The Labrador has been established as the best/favorite family dog because of it's complacent nature; loving, dedicated, and playful personality; and loyalty to it's family. These traits of the Silver Labrador combined with the natural hunting/retrieving instinct of the Labrador allows the hunting segment of our population to combine two of there most prized possessions into one: a beautiful, watchful, loyal, safe family dog and their steadfast, calm, retrieving hunting companion.

As with most new and different situations or color, condemnation of the Silver Labrador exists. Just as Jackie Robinson, the first African American major league baseball player faced rejection and criticism, the Silver Labrador also has it's share of naysayers and condemnation. You may get a beautiful, new unique color to the coat of the Silver Labrador, but you do not lose nor change the personality and characteristics of an animal that is the most sought after, loved family and hunting dog in America.